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"Finding My Voice" by Beth Knobbe

March 26, 2010

Finding My Voice written by Beth Knobbe is one of several books from the Called to Holiness series designed to help nurture the spiritual life of young women today.

When you read Finding My Voice, you feel as though you are listening in on a conversation between two female friends, over coffee, as they discuss the big questions on the hearts of young adults. This book is a wonderful read both for young women seeking a deeper relationship with God and for those in ministry who accompany young people in their spiritual life and quest for meaning. Interestingly, the book opens with a look at the various traits that define Generations X and Y. If you fall within these generational categories and sometimes feel alone on your spiritual journey or misunderstood, you will find a home in the author’s descriptions and experience a compassionate, understanding friend in Beth Knobbe’s writing.

Especially insightful are the two chapters on vocation and sexuality. You are drawn into the chapter about vocation by being invited to reflect on discovering your authentic self. The discovery begins with a series of questions - Who am I? Where am I going? Who is going with me? How will I make a difference in the world? With each question, you come to a deeper understanding of yourself and perhaps the vocational choice for you. If you are already certain of your vocational choice, then you will find strength and perhaps a new vision for the journey which you are already on. I especially appreciated the thoughts on the sometimes forgotten vocation - single life - and her words on the gifts and grace of this vocation to the church.

In addition, her chapter on sexuality is a refreshing, open door to a topic most often not spoken of in our church or probably even our homes. Beth is courageous enough to talk about such issues as nakedness, intimacy, and ungraceful experimentation. This chapter leaves you with a truer and more beautiful understanding of God’s design for loving relationships and how sex and our sexuality are an integral part of that design.

In Finding My Voice, you will be drawn into deeper conversation with yourself, with God and other young women. While the author’s words come from a feminine perspective, many of the insights she shares are not necessarily exclusive to young women. Because each chapter has reflection questions at the end, this book can be used in faith sharing groups, parishes, schools or even among friends. If you feel uncertain about your life direction, or that God’s presence is far away, or that you are being pulled in so many directions that you feel disconnected from yourself, may the author’s final words motivate you to pick up this book and begin a journey to a deeper understanding of God’s design of you. “The world needs your voice, women who listen for the Spirit that echoes deep within. Listen for that voice. Follow that voice. Find your voice and let it speak.”

by Jayne Pickett

For more information about the book and the author click here.

(Jayne Pickett is a student of CTU and a Bernardin Scholar pursuing her Master's degree in Theology. She has a passion for accompanying youth and young adults in their journey of faith. She is currently interning with Catholics on Call learning further about the ministry of accompaniment with young people in their search for meaning and service to the Church. Jayne hopes to return to teaching or campus ministry upon graduation.)

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