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The following religious communities, universities, parishes and organizations have partnered with Catholics On Call to support young adults in discerning and discovering God’s call. The Partners have provided these brief descriptions and their contact information, if you would like to learn more. To learn more about the benefits and roles of a Catholics on Call Partner, please learn more about the benefits and roles of a Partner here.

If you would like to become a Catholics on Call Partner or renew your partnreship, please contact the Program Coordinator at 773.371.5432 or, or complete the Partnership Application/Renewal Form

Men’s Religious Communities

The Alexian Brothers are an 800 year-old congregation dedicated to serving the poor, the sick, the elderly, the dying, the unwanted, marginated and unloved. Our congregation began as intentional communities in the 12th century that strove to authentically live the Gospel lifestyle as modeled by the Acts of the Apostles. The Alexian Charism is the prophetic and daring response of our faith community to this gospel of Jesus. It is rooted in prayer and simple life style. Our charism calls us to conversion and total self-giving in continuing the healing, loving, and reconciling mission of Jesus. Today, we outreach to the homeless and the hungry, with dedicated ministries to the homeless with mental illness and/or HIV/AIDS. We have continuing care adult communities and senior care facilities and programs. We have acute care, rehab, behavioral health, hospice, and women’s and children’s hospitals. We are looking for men with a big heart, not a big head; men 18 to 55 years in age that have a burning desire to develop an ever-growing relationship with God, and a desire to serve God’s people. We invite to our website to explore our lifestyle and ministries at You can also call our office at 847.463.8904 or email us at


The Augustinian Order of Priests and Brothers is an international community represented in 50 countries. It traces its spiritual roots to St. Augustine, a 5th century Bishop and Doctor of the Church. The Midwest Province in the U.S. was established in 1941. The Augustinians value prayer, community life and ministry. Ministries of the Augustinians include: Catholic secondary education, University education, parish ministry, foreign missions, care for the sick and elderly, hospital chaplaincies, counseling and retreat ministry. In Augustinian spirituality, love of God and of neighbor are the same. Augustine writes in the very beginning of his Confessions, "You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You." Augustinian life is a shared journey to God, a life of contemplation and action, prayer and service. Contact us via email: Visit our website:

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart continue the mission of Fr. Andre Coindre who founded our community in Lyon, France, to rescue young people from ignorance, prepare them for life, and give them a knowledge and love of religion [God]. Since 1821, the Brothers have sought to evangelize young people, especially those who are poor and without hope, with the Good News of Christ's Love. The Brothers preach the Gospel message through their work in schools of all types: in high schools and on college campuses, in learning centers and in parishes. To be a Brother today, is to "...believe in God’s love, to live it, and to spread it. It is to contribute to the evangelization of the world, particularly through the education of children and youth." Rule of Life, #13.
Contact: Br. Ronald Hingle, SC, Baton Rouge, LA; phone: 504.913.0005; email:, or Br. Michael Migacz, SC, Queens, NY; phone: 732.718.8559; email:

The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament was founded in Paris, France, in 1856 by Saint Peter Julian Eymard, the Apostle of the Eucharist. Since that time, our Priests and Brothers have continued the mission begun by St. Peter Julian Eymard. Like him, we want the Mystery of the Eucharist to be loved and lived in its fullness. As religious Priests and Brothers, we daily adore the Blessed Sacrament, celebrate the Eucharist, pray the Divine Office, administer parishes, teach, write, sanctify God's people with the sacraments, and center our lives on God's love revealed in the Eucharist. We have communities in Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, New York City, San Antonio, and Tampa (Province of St. Ann). Come, join our mission! Contact us via email: Visit our website:

Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Province seeks to continue the mission of Blessed Edmund in the Twenty-First Century by responding to the signs of our times and to the needs of today’s most vulnerable members of society. We have accepted the call to evangelize youth within the mission of the Catholic Church. We complete this work in a variety of settings, including Catholic schools and numerous outreach ministries that serve the people of God by responding to their very human needs. In these, and in parish, healthcare, counseling and other ministries, we follow the example of Blessed Edmund, who tended to the needs of the vulnerable and nurtured the dignity of each human person. We Christian Brothers take great pride in acknowledging the past and present good works of our Brothers in schools and other ministries across the North American Province. We pledge to continue to be of service to the Church in our schools and other ministries by being faithful to God’s revelation to us in creation, the Gospel message of Jesus of Nazareth and the spirit and charism of Blessed Edmund.
Contact:  Brother Tim Smyth | Website:  WWW.ERCBNA.ORG


The Congregation of the Mission or, more popularly, the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers, was founded in 1625 by St. Vincent de Paul to bring the good news of the gospel to the poor. Clergy education was very poor in 17th century France so Vincent also focused his ministry on the education of the clergy; seminary education has been a part of our ministry since the time of Vincent. We are priests and brothers who take perpetual vows and dedicate our lives to serve the poor, and we do that in many ways. Amongst our many works, we serve in many poor parishes, we teach in seminaries, we conduct parish missions (one of our oldest works), we have founded and administer three universities in the U.S. and we do retreat work. All of our ministry is focused on serving the poor, whether that be direct service or working to change the very cultural systems that create poverty in the first place. We are part of the Vincentian Family which consists of many groups that are empowered by the charism of St. Vincent de Paul to help make the world of the poor a better place. Come and join us!
Contact: Fr. Jim Osendorf, CM, Vocation Director (;; Facebook: Vincentian Vocations



The Congregation of St. Basil, or the Basilian Fathers, is a community of priests and students for the priesthood. Ours is an active, apostolic community of simple vows, seeking the glory of God in every form of priestly activity compatible with the common life, especially in the works of education and evangelization. Founded in France in the early nineteenth century in the aftermath of the French Revolution, our educational and pastoral work brought us first to a variety of locations in Canada and the United States, and then later to Mexico and Colombia. Our schools, colleges, and parishes express our commitment to Christ the Teacher and our desire to serve in imitation of Him. The Basilian motto “Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge” is derived from Psalm 119 (originally Psalm 118).

To find out more, go to, or contact

Living together for God alone, Crosiers are vowed men who live and work in a community to keep the Gospel alive and proclaimed. The Crosier charism centers on our commitment to live and work in community, to celebrate the prayer of the Church, and to serve the people of God in light of the Cross of Christ as a sign of hope and glory. Because of our call to an Augustinian form of communal life, each member gives himself to the life and unity of the community while respecting each man for the unique person he is. Just like every Christian family, the Crosier religious community forms one part in the building up of the Church, the People of God. As a community founded in faith more than 800 years ago, we recognize that prayer is an essential expression and source of our life and work together. We gather five times a day to pray together as a community: in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. We live out the special Crosier vocation to foster the liturgy of the Church--both the liturgy of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours--by coming together regularly to pray. Our whole life is given in service. We serve Jesus by serving others through our various ministries, and through our most immediate apostolate--our community life--we are called to assist our confreres in charity and unity, by our prayers, and through all of our daily activities. Crosiers actively minister to the needs of the Church and society, working in education, chaplain service, pastoral ministry, spiritual direction, jail ministry, immigration services, and elder care.
For more information, please visit or email us at

As Divine Word Missionary priests and brothers, we are men of prayer and faith, serving where the Gospel has not yet been preached, or where the local church is not yet viable. Each of us is involved in a particular, unique ministry as we spread the Word of God. There are over 6,000 of us ministering in over 70 countries worldwide. As one of the largest international missionary congregations in the Catholic Church, we believe that His Mission is our Mission. Our steady growth is a result of our response to the changing needs of the Church and the people we serve. Internationalism, education and professional skills are the foundations of our Society. Our international and multi-cultural communities are a witness to God’s Kingdom. We offer five formation programs: Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa; an Associate Program for college graduates; Brother Formation Program; our Novitiate is in Techny, Illinois; and Divine Word Theologate in Chicago. For more information contact:

The Franciscan Order was founded by Saint Francis of Assisi over 800 years ago. His vision was simple: witness to the Gospel by living in fraternity observing holy obedience and chastity, without appropriating anything to oneself either as an individual or as a community. In 1844, Archbishop John Baptist Purcell asked Franciscan Friars from the Tyrol in Austria to come to Cincinnati to assist with the German speaking immigrants. And so Saint John the Baptist Province began. Quickly our numbers increased and we ministered in Oldenburg and Lafayette, IN; Emporia, KS; Bloomington, IL; Detroit, MI; and Chatham, ON, Canada. By the turn of the century our outreach included the Navajo Reservations in New Mexico and Arizona and, soon after, the Pueblo Reservations and Hispanic communities in New Mexico. Later, missionaries went to China and the Philippines and, more recently, Jamaica. Today we serve in 10 states from Pennsylvania to Arizona, Michigan to Louisiana, and in the Philippines, Japan, and Jamaica. Our ministries presently include parishes, hospital and academic chaplaincies, inner-city outreach, preaching, teaching, nursing, and evangelization. Franciscan Media (formerly Saint Anthony Messenger Press) continues to preach the Word through St. Anthony Messenger Magazine, and through other printed and electronic media. True to Saint Francis’ vision, our ministries continue to evolve according to the needs of the Church and the talents and abilities of the Friars.
Contact us via email: Visit our website:

Franciscan Friars of the Atonement have long been leaders in the worldwide ecumenical movement to heal divisions within Christianity. Today, the Friars mission of "at-one-ment" includes dialogue among Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists; serving the homeless and those suffering from alcoholism, drug addictions, and HIV/AIDS; preaching the gospel in parishes around the world, and offering respite and hope to those in need of spiritual renewal. In the tradition of St. Francis of Assissi, we offer a prayerful communal life with active service to the Church in the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy and England. Inquire about our "Come and See" programs offered each year in March and October.
Contact the Vocation Office, Graymoor, Garrison, NY 10524
800.338.2620, ext. 2126 and 845.424.2170 (Fax)
Contact us via email: Visit our website:

The Conventual Franciscans are the oldest of the three existing branches of the First Order of St. Francis. The word Conventual is derived from the Latin convenire, "to come together"; hence we live together in "convents" or friaries. We take seriously the words of St. Francis, "And the Lord sent me brothers". Like all Franciscans, we are called to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in poverty, chastity and obedience, but we place special emphasis on our communal life. Our Order is spread throughout the world, and includes about 4500 priests and brothers who are all commonly called Friars. There are four provinces in North America, with associated jurisdictions or missions in the UK and Ireland, Australia, Vietnam and Central America. We wear a black or gray habit with a simple three-knotted cord representing our Vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. The Spiritual Center of the Order is in Assisi, Italy, where our Friars care for the Basilica of St. Francis, which includes his tomb. In addition, the Conventuals are the Vatican confessors at St. Peter’s Basilica. In Christ’s name, we continue the ministry of healing so fundamental to the understanding of Saint Francis.
Visit our website:

Glenmary Home Missioners is a Catholic society of priests and brothers, who, along with coworkers, serve the spiritual and material needs of communities throughout Appalachia and the South. Glenmary brings a Catholic presence to counties where less than three percent of the population is Catholic. A significant percent of residents are unchurched and the poverty rate is twice the national average. For more information, contact Br. David Henley, PO Box 465618, Cincinnati, OH 45246; 800.935.0975,; or visit our webpage

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers (M.M.)

To speak of Maryknoll is to speak of Mission to the World! Maryknoll is the popular name for the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll Missioners, M.M.), established by the U.S. Bishops in 1911 to represent the Church of the United States in service to God’s mission in Africa, Asia and Latin America. While we are mostly from the United States, our work is overseas. We welcome men from the United States and men who know us well from the countries where we serve. We number 286 priests and brothers serving in some 21 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, serving God’s Mission among those challenged by poverty and evangelizing those thirsting for the Gospel. Contact: Fr. Mike Snyder M.M., Vocation Director, P.O. Box 305, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0305; (914) 941-7590, Ext. 2416; E-mail:; Website: Facebook:

Founded in 1815 by St. Gaspar del Bufalo, in Italy, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood is a religious society of priests, brothers and lay associates. Our charism is to offer the redeeming, healing power of the blood of Jesus to the whole world. We are called to preach and witness the Good News and are known for being down-to-earth. Our sense of charity and hospitality extends to all, especially those who are considered lost or hopeless by the rest of the world. we are a worldwide community of pastors, preachers, educators, chaplains, and serve in a variety of ministries. We serve in California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri Ohio, and Texas. Contact us via email: Visit our website:

Contact us via email: Visit our website:

Serving the poorest and most abandoned in over 70 countries, the Oblates are a Congregation of priests and brothers sent to preach the Good News. Called "specialists in difficult missions," we are committed to carrying the Gospel to others in the spirit of St. Eugene de Mazenod. We fulfill our mission through living in community among those whose condition cries out for the salvation and hope which only Jesus Christ can fully bring. In our mission we are dedicated to Mary Immaculate who is our patroness and serves as our example of answering the call to bring Jesus to the world.
Contact us via email: Visit our website:

The Norbertine Community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey is the youngest Abbey in our nearly 900 year old Order. Over 400 years after the Roman Catholic Faith was brought to New Mexico we as Norbertines, Canons Regular of Prémontré, are planting the seeds of our ancient tradition to live a life of community, contemplation and compassionate service with the people of God in the southwestern United States. Our life is marked by a gift of self in life-long conversion toward God guided by the Rule of St. Augustine as we strive to live as the earliest Christians. We live this by a stable commitment to life in community and service in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe through the sung prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, celebration of the Eucharist, common table, and dedication to the poor and needy. From the contemplative center of our Abbey life we go forth in service to the world.
Contact us via email: Fr. Graham Golden, OPraem ( Visit our website:

Daylesford Abbey is a small Norbertine Community of thirty members. We follow the Rule of St. Augustine in trying to be "One mind and one heart" on the way to God. Our Mission is to enrich the Church by our Norbertine communio (community) nourished by contemplation on God’s word, made visible in worship and service within the local church. Our Abbey is a Liturgical and Spiritual Center nestled in a wooded area in Paoli, PA. Our Community gathers with the laity four times a day to celebrate the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. Our service include Sacramental Ministry in local parishes, Spiritual Direction, Chaplaincies, Outreach to the homeless and migrant workers. We invite men ages 20-50 to contact us if you wish to discern a Norbertine vocation.
Contact: Fr. John Joseph Novielli, OPraem, 220 South Valley Road, Paoli, PA 19301; 610.647.2530, ext. 127; email:; website:

The Passionists of the western part of the U.S. (Holy Cross Province) also work collaboratively with the laity and other religious in sharing their charism in various ministries as in the Eastern Province: two parish sites, three retreat centers. Other ministries involve itinerant preaching, media ministry, chaplaincies in hospitals and prisons, teaching, outreach to the poor and youth, missionary presence in various Asian countries. We also live in vibrant prayerful communities sharing quality time together, and joining in periodic regional days for mutual support and growth. Initial formation and education are shared with the eastern province in a common novitiate and theologate. To keep alive in the hearts of all the incredible Love of God expressed in the Passion of Jesus Christ is at the heart of the Passionist charism.
Contact us via email: Visit our website:


The Paulists--the first community of priests founded in the United States by an American, Servant of God Isaac Thomas Hecker. We are an active community serving parishes and campus ministries in the United States and Canada. Our priests lead parish missions and retreats, communicate through Paulist Press and Paulist Productions. We reach out to young adults through Busted Halo® Ministries. We specialize in ecumenical and interfaith dialog, and reconciliation with inactive Catholics. Contact us via email: Visit our website:

The Redemptorists are a Missionary Congregation of Brothers and Priests, founded in 1732 by St. Alphonsus Liguori.  We are an Apostolic Community dedicated to Preaching the Good News to the poor and the most abandoned.  We are a world-wide congregation, working in 77 countries with 5200 members.  The Denver Province, with 200 members, encompasses the western 2/3 of the US.  We have 26 communities engaged in a variety of apostolic works, including:  parish ministry, parish mission preaching, ministry to immigrants/migrants, African-American ministry, retreat houses, shrine ministry and spreading devotion to Mary under the title of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.  We minister in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Khmu, Laotian, Thai and to the hearing impaired.  We also have foreign missions in Brazil, Nigeria and Thailand. We are constantly being challenged by our foundational Charism to find new ways to evangelize and to reach out to the poor and the most abandoned.
Web Site:
Address: Vocation Office Denver Province, 389 East 150th Street, Bronx, NY  10455
Cell: 718.664.5360 for Brother Lawrence J. Luján Angel, CSsR
Cell: 718.362.0135 for Father Tat Hoang, CSsR

The Clerics of St. Viator are an international congregation of brothers and priests sent by the Catholic Church to teach the faith and proclaim Jesus Christ as Gospel. In parishes, schools, and a variety of ministries, Viatorians work with Christian communities to live, deepen, and celebrate faith. The Viatorians were founded in France shortly after the French Revolution by Father Louis Querbes, a pastor at Vourles, near Lyons. The first permanent Viatorian settlement in the United States was organized when Canadian Viatorians arrived at Bourbonnais, Illinois in 1865 to serve the French Catholics of the Kankakee River area. Today the Viatorians of the United States Province (68 brothers and priests) minister in the U.S. and Colombia. Contact us via email: Visit our website:

Women’s Religious Communities

We Dominican Sisters of Adrian are members of the Order of Preachers. We preach the Good News of God’s love to the world through our ministries and our lives. One of our mottos is "To contemplate and share the fruits of contemplation." We strive to base our lives on the four foundations of Dominican life: prayer, study, community and ministry/preaching. Our roots go back to St. Dominic 800 years ago. We came to Adrian, Michigan, in 1879. We are currently around 600 members and minister in many places in the United States as well as the Dominican Republic, Norway and the Philippines. Our actual ministries take many forms. For example, we serve as teachers, lawyers, social workers, health care workers, parish pastoral ministers, chaplains, artists, and advocates for those in our world who are suffering, including our whole Earth community. In whatever we do, we aim to "seek truth, make peace, and reverence life." Please visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were founded in Viareggio, Italy, in 1894 by Clelia Merloni. Clelia propelled the life of the Apostles into the heart of the Church by dedicating the Congregation to the loving Heart of Jesus. The motto of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: The Love of Christ Impels Us, summarizes the moving force of their lives. Apostles spread devotion to the Sacred Heart by lives of compassion and holiness. As consecrated women of the Church, they imitate the life of Christ in the world today through education, health care, pastoral ministry, social services, human development, and missionary activity. An international Congregation, they serve in Italy, Albania, Switzerland, Chile, Mexico, Benin, Mozambique, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Haiti, the Philippines, and the United States. For more information, please contact Sr. Virginia Herbers at or visit our website at

Benedictine Sisters at Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison KS.
We are a Benedictine monastic community of 115 sisters. Our mission is to seek God through community, prayer, ministry, and care for creation. We are involved in a variety of ministries, according to the gifts of our sisters. We sponsor Benedictine College, Maur Hill Mount Academy (secondary school), Donnelly College (two-year college), and Keeler Women’s Center in the urban core of Kansas City.



We are Benedictine women called to seek God in prayer and community, serving where there is need. We serve the church and society in a variety of ways through education, social service, pastoral ministry, spiritual development, counseling and health care. We participate in efforts to achieve more humane immigration policies, have taken corporate stands to oppose exorbitant military spending, to abolish the death penalty, to oppose torture, and to stop trafficking. Together we pray for peace and justice in our world. Underlying all we do is the desire to live the Gospel command to love God and neighbor. Women 21-50 who wish to seek God in an active monastic community by living a balanced life of prayer and work are invited to contact us: Sr. Belinda Monahan, OSB, Vocation Minister, 7430 N. Ridge Boulevard, Chicago IL 60645 (773.338.7063); email: Visit our website:

The Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, Minnesota are monastic women who seek God together in community following the Rule of St. Benedict. Our lives of prayer and work are centered around the Eucharist, communal recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina (prayerful reading of Scripture and sacred reading) balanced with time for study, prayer and leisure. Guided by the Gospels and the Holy Rule, our common life allows our sisters to utilize their various gifts and talents. In addition to sponsoring the College of St. Scholastica, the large Benedictine Health System and the Benedictine Center of Spirituality, we are also engaged in teaching at all levels, music and the arts, retreat work, chaplaincy and spiritual direction . We invite women interested in our way of life to arrange for a visit or if interested in a longer stay to inquire about our residential volunteer Associate program. For more information, to arrange a visit or to receive a copy of our film "Sing a New Song", contact Sister Mary Catherine at or 218.723.6646. See our web site, particularly the "Join Us" section at

Visit the monastery where the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, a community of women monastics, choose to follow the Rule of Benedict as a guide in their communal search for God. The community strives to integrate community life, contemplative and liturgical prayer, silence, ministry, simple living and balance. The sisters lift their hands and voices in public witness to the global issues of world peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, sustainability of the earth, and justice, especially for women and children. The community is committed to opening their home and hearts, building community, sharing their resources, and ministering to others. Do you want to be a part of this community? Sr. Marilyn Schauble, OSB, Vocation Director, invites you to contact her at 6101 East Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16511; 814.899.0614, ext. 2424; email: Visit our website:

We are monastic women who choose to seek God in community. If you feel you have a religious vocation to serve the people of God in community, call us at 317.787.3287, ext. 3032. As Sisters of St. Benedict, we follow a monastic way of life. Prayer and community come first in our lives. We live the Benedictine tradition of seeking God through prayer, work, and hospitality. We are engaged in the work of God through various ministries. We also serve one another by living in a community characterized by warmth, honesty, vitality, and joy. We welcome single, Catholic women, ages 20-45, who are experiencing a call from God; who desire to live the Gospel; and who have a capacity to be generous and compassionate.
Contact: Sr. Jennifer Mechtild Horner, 1402 Southern Avenue, Beech Grove, Indiana 46107; email: or Find us at:

Both contemplative and active, we are called to prayer, community, and work using our gifts. We serve in spiritual direction, retreats, parish work, pastoral care, campus ministry, education, social work, community work, and outreach to the poor.  We operate Benet House of Retreats as our corporate ministry.  We invite you to take time to stroll through our wooded grounds and reflect on God’s call to you. Watch the ducks paddle around the lake and the deer graze on the hill. Come to prayers and meals. Talk and laugh with the sisters. Just come to make a retreat and enjoy the contemplative setting.  "Listen with the ear of your heart." Join us on your vocation journey. You may feel one step closer to home. Contact Sr. Stefanie MacDonald, OSB, at or 309-283-2300. Connect with us at and on Facebook.

The Benedictine Sisters of Saint Walburga Monastery are monastic women who seek God in community through the Gospel and the Rule of Saint Benedict. We live our monastic conversion sustained by the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio Divina, and presence to one another. Through active lives balanced by contemplation we witness to Jesus Christ in community, hospitality, and ministry. Visit our website:

Cenacle Sisters are active women with contemplative hearts, called to live and pray in union with each other for the sake of the mission. We do this principally through retreats, religious education, and other forms of pastoral activity whose aim is to awaken and deepen faith. This is done most often in places of retreat, in people’s homes, in centers for spiritual direction and religious development, and in parishes. In addition to sisters, there are lay members, vowed and non-vowed, who share in the Cenacle mission and charism. Visit our website:

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters were founded in 1885 by Fr. Andreas Amrhein. We were founded as a missionary society to spread the Good News to those who do not know Christ or where Christ is not sufficiently known.
The charism of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters' life is:

  • A particular way of living the Gospel and is rooted in the Rule of St. Benedict
  • Seeking God in community, under a rule and a superior - including praying and working together, sharing our goods, living in mutual service, support, and encouragement
  • Characterized by the Liturgy of the Hours in common and lectio divina
  • Proclaiming the Gospel among people who do not know Christ and where Christ is not sufficiently known.

The 1,300+ Missionary Benedictine Sisters are currently serving God's people in 18 countries in various ministries.
Conact us via email: Visit our website:

The Congregation of Notre Dame is an international community founded by St. Marguerite Bourgeoys. Its members and associates seek to live a mission of liberating education in the spirit of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The sacred Mystery of Mary's journey to her cousin Elizabeth in Visitation is inspiration for the community. So too is the life of Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, who first gathered the CND in late 17th century Montreal. The Congregation is committed to the needs of the poor, excluded, and oppressed.  It labors actively to protect all creation and works toward the  transformation of church and society for a more just world. Visit us at or contact us at

In 1821, Bon Secours became the first community of sisters to provide continuous nursing within the homes of those who were suffering. Our vision and mission: to defend all life and creation and alleviate suffering; to bring a message of hope and "GOOD HELP" to those in need. Our faith-filled communities draw others to our charism of compassion, healing, and liberation. Community life and shared prayer balance our life of ministry as we contribute to a more humane world integral to spreading the Gospel. We minister in health care, retreat ministry, pastoral, social and human services, housing, education, etc. Continuing foundress Josephine Potel’s innovative spirit, we bring healing and wholeness beyond walls of tradition in rural areas and cities in the USA, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Peru and South Africa
For more information:
Imagine a Sister’s Life:
Sisters of Bon Secours Vocation Website:
Inquirers, "Join" us on Facebook:
"Like Us" on Facebook:
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Chat with Sr. Pat:
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Volunteer Ministry site:
Watch the video about our mission in South Africa.
Contact: Sr. Patricia Dowling, CBS
Phone: 410.442.3172 or 877.742.0277

The Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a pontifical institute of women religious who minister in Louisiana, Illinois, the Philippines and Timor-Leste. They are heirs to a rich tradition of contemplative prayer, community life and service as members of the Order of Carmel. The special charism of the congregation is an orientation to a life of prayer and service in union with Jesus, in whom continual prayer and action coexist harmoniously. They are nourished by contemplative prayer, community and devotion to Mary, a woman of simplicity and faith. Their prophetic call as Carmelites moves them " be in active ministries that help bring about a more peaceful, just and loving world." In keeping with their mission statement, these active ministries include education, health care, parish ministry, retreat and spiritual direction, social work and social services.
Contact us via email: Visit our website:

The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes is an apostolic community of more than 200 Sisters throughout the United States and Nicaragua. We were founded in 1858 and our Motherhouse is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We participate in the mission of Jesus Christ by joyful service in the Church, always aware that we, too, are among the needy and are enriched by those we serve. Find us on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, and YouTube.
Contact us via email: Visit our website:

We are a Congregation of Sisters and Associates, with six Centers: Wheeling, Baton Rouge, Kalamazoo, Cleveland, LaGrange (Chicago) and Wichita. Our charism is one of seeking unity between God, ourselves, and all of creation.

The Daughters of Charity are a community of women who devote our lives to serving the poorest and most abandoned individuals in today’s society. We minister in the everyday worlds of the poor and the marginalized. We live a life of humility and simplicity dedicated to charity. Christ’s unwavering compassion and selfless generosity energizes our spirit and inspires our work. Strengthened by this deep spirituality, we are a joyful community that lives, prays and works together. Today, there are about 16,000 Daughters of Charity living and working in over 90 countries throughout the world. To learn more go to Daughters of Charity US YouTube, Facebook, blog, web...
Contact us via email: Visit our website: or follow us on social media.   

Daughters of St. Mary of Providence
The Daughters of St. Mary of Providence were founded in 1881 by Saint Louis Guanella to spread the "Culture of Charity." The Daughters are currently serving in 16 countries around the world, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, India, Congo, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, Canada and the United States. We are sent out to evangelize those in need and to reveal to them the Provident love of the Father with our works of mercy. We dedicate ourselves with a preferential love to persons less favored with gifts of intelligence and physical health, as well as, those in need of religious formation, and those deprived of human support. We offer our lives to as many as providence puts on our path ad feel the solicitous to be "sister, mother and friend," to become one family with them.

We are Dominican Sisters whose charism of preaching flows from our contemplation, study, and community life.  We are more than 520 Sisters and over 500 Associates who live and minister in over 50 Dioceses within and outside the U.S.  We also serve in Honduras, Nigeria, and Peru.  We are committed to greater involvement in the global community, simplicity of life, and itinerancy.  Our diverse ministries include education, health care, social work, spiritual direction, parish-based ministries among others.  We serve in universities and colleges, high schools, elementary schools, literacy centers, ecology and spiritual outreach centers, parishes, prisons and more.  We work to create environments of peace by promoting non-violence, unity in diversity, reconciliation, and justice through solidarity, especially for women and children.  Please visit our website at

Dominican Sisters (O.P.) - Sinsinawa, WI.

As Dominicans we trace our roots to the 13th century when Dominic founded the Order of Preachers (O.P.). That provides us with nearly 800 years of history as members of a worldwide Dominican Family. Our U.S. congregation was founded in Wisconsin by an Italian Dominican missionary, Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P. in 1847. Fr. Samuel, currently recognized as "Venerable," is well on his way to being named a saint by the Vatican. Today over 400 Dominican Sisters from Sinsinawa are "called to proclaim the Gospel through the ministry of preaching and teaching in order to participate in the building of a holy and just Church and society" and minister in dioceses all over the United States and in Trinidad and Tobago. Share in the vitality of Dominican life. Contact: Relationships for Mission Team, 585 County Road Z, Sinsinawa, WI  53824; email Please visit us at;;

The Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, hold the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the heart of their ministry. This congregation of about 230 women is committed to the traditional "pillars" of the Order of Preachers: prayer, common life, study, and preaching in word and deed. Two distinctive aspects of Springfield Dominican life are a commitment to living in community and to the Dominican tradition of chanting the Liturgy of the Hours. Sisters serve in the United States and in Peru, with formation programs in both countries. They are actively involved in collaborative projects with other Dominicans in the U.S. and around the world, including Zambia, Nigeria, Slovakia, and Iraq.

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We, the Felician Sisters, are an active contemplative congregation of consecrated women founded by Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska. Our charism is to imitate her boundless love of God and surrender to God’s will in compassionate service, total availability and concern for the salvation of all people. We live and pray together in community, and follow the rule of St. Francis of Assisi. Responding to the needs of God’s people and of the times, we minister in health care, pastoral care, education, social work, spiritual and administrative services and other Church-related ministries. Today, Felician Franciscan Sisters minister to God’s people in the United States, Canada, Haiti, Brazil, Poland, Italy, England, France, Kenya, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and the Amazon.
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The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago is a congregation of Catholic women living the Gospel life and dedicated to serving others for 120 years. We serve the people of God through works prompted by our charism: care for children, the sick, the infirm, and the elderly; and pastoral and social services. The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago have adapted to the changing needs of society and expanded and refocused its ministry to respond to the changing needs of those served. The ability and need to serve continues to evolve and we are responding with new ministries in the areas of affordable housing, home health, hospice, and various community benefit services. Guided by its Franciscan spirit, The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago celebrate life and are committed to joyful, compassionate service.
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We are a community of vowed Franciscan women centered in Eucharist, committed to be loving presence through prayer, witness and service. We are sent as Jesus was sent to manifest God's love in the world; to bring new life, meaning and hope to a suffering and searching humanity; to heal with compassion and forgiveness; to proclaim the Gospel in word and action.
Through perpetual Eucharistic adoration, we offer God continuous praise and thanksgiving before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar. Nurtured and strengthened by Jesus' presence, we live out this adoration in our daily lives as we strive to help those in need.
Through our more than 300 sisters, 200 affiliates, 100 prayer partners and the 6,500 people working in our sponsored ministries, our work is far-reaching--beyond borders both real and imagined.
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Call or email us: 1.888.683.FSPA or
You can also find FSPA on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

We, the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart, are called by God to live the Gospel life after the manner of Francis of Assisi as women religious. We joyfully embrace our vowed life in community which is sustained by our personal and communal prayer and sisterly love. We respond in a prophetic way to the needs of others through our ministries of education, healing and service. We are missioned in Indiana, Illinois, California, West Virginia and Brazil (in South America).
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The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters are an international congregation of women ministering in 47 countries. As an international missionary community of about 3,500 women, we are called to share the Good News of Jesus and witness to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the world. Called by the Spirit, we are sent to people of diverse cultures, religions, and social/ethic backgrounds. Wherever possible we live in international/intercultural communities. We participate in the mission of Jesus through education on all levels and in different types of schools, through health care, in parish ministry, retreat work and spiritual direction, communication and media, counseling and social services, work with the elderly and especially with women who are pushed to the margins of society.
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As an International Community of Franciscan Sisters, we are inspired by our call to be Christ’s Healing Presence, serving others and being present to those in need. We embrace the fact that Christ’s love for us flows out to those we serve. We live fully in the present as instruments of peace, joy, and love as we assist those who seek wholeness. Our work brings us closer to people in the USA through our hospitals and at parishes, schools, community charities and organizations. Furthermore, we sponsor Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach as it continues our missionary spirit through a medical equipment/supply distribution and recycling program. Contact us at or visit our website at

The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a worldwide religious community of Catholic women dedicated to serving God by responding to the needs of God's people. We follow in the footsteps of Mary Ward, a young English women, who founded the community in 1609 in present day Belgium. From there the institute spread throughout Europe, to Canada in 1847, and to the United States in 1880. In the United States, the Institute is now present in Arizona, California, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Although education was our primary work, sisters now serve in a wide variety of educational, pastoral, and social ministries. We continue to follow the path envisioned by Mary Ward by living freedom, justice, and sincerity in our times. Inspired by Mary Ward's vision, we pray more passionately and live more radically our Ignation spirituality and share it with those among whom we live and work. We commit our energies and resources to promoting the dignity and liberation of all, particularly of women and children; to challenging unjust systems and structures; to standing with those on the edges of society; to showing reverent care for the earth and all creation. We challenge ourselves to act as one body, with one Mission. IBVM's serve in twenty-three countries across the world. 

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The Little Company of Mary Sisters is an international Marian congregation, called and gifted to be a compassionate presence in the healing ministries and responding to emerging needs around the world. Founded in 1877 in Nottingham, England, our name and mission were inspired by Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the "little company" of faithful followers who remained with her at the foot of the cross on Calvary, offering Jesus and Mary their compassionate presence. Venerable Mary Potter, our Foundress, wrote, "We all have a power within us for doing good." She urges us to tap into our own unique gifts and talents to make a difference in our world by integrating prayer in all our ministries. We are called to companion people in their search for hope, health and healing amidst their brokenness of body, mind or spirit through healthcare in hospitals, extended care facilities, home care and hospice. We are also active in parish ministry, chaplaincy, spiritual direction, outreach programs, foreign missions, administration and leadership.
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The Maryknoll Sisters are women religious missionaries whose passion is to seek God's love and compassionate justice wherever we are. As our founder, Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, once said: "Each of us has seen her own star and had the grace to follow it. Our stars--a vocation to the foreign mission--led us to Maryknoll" to serve in Jesus' name. We go to other lands crossing boundaries of culture, religion and race. Today, with a membership of approximately 600 women of varied cultures and nationalities, we are in 30 countries worldwide. Our communities are ordinarily small, multicultural and multigenerational. The ministries that we engaged in are varied depending on the skills and gifts each Sister has and the realities of the people we are sent to. We respect the culture of the people and try to adapt ourselves to their customs and aspirations as we journey with them in the search for truth, justice, and "life in abundance." Come and share our mission--our blessings.
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We are an international missionary congregation. Healing, in the spirit of Jesus the Healer, is the essence of our charism, the heart of our identity.  TO BE A HEALING PRESENCE gives us no choice but to take seriously the enormous suffering in our world.  In solidarity with those made poor we take on their concerns, interests and struggles.  In promoting the justice that is essential to healing, we work together in grassroot communities as well as policy-making bodies and in many pioneering efforts.  We do this through all manner of healing ministries, in ways that bring people and our earth to healtlh and wholeness.  We are nurses, physicians, teachers, midwives, counselors, liturgists, community organizers, lawyers, artists, theologians, practitioners of holistic health, and more.  For us God is the sacred center at the heart of life, the holy ground in which our daily life is rooted.  Our yearning for God is one with our hunger for the transformation of the world.  Scripture is our primary source of reflection and meditation. Prayer, time for solitude, communal participation in liturgy are essential to support life and nurture our spirit.  Our MMS Community is a way to encourage and give courage to one another.  Through our international membership, we understand relationship as a core human experience and witness to the oneness of the human family.We live simply, side by side with the people we serve.
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We are to have a personal love of God our Father, of his son Jesus and of the Holy Spirit who abides in us.  In a particular way we cherish in our prayer and labor the naked, abandoned Jesus on Calvary.  We express our love through personal service to his poor and abandoned members.  Our specific mission is the preservation of faith in those areas and among those people who are spiritually neglected and abandoned, especially the poor.  Our chief effort is to develop a missionary spirit in the laity, with the goal that every Catholic be an Apostle.  Contact us at or 215.335.7534. Visit our websites: and

Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family is a religious congregation founded in 1905 in Mohylew, Belarus by Blessed Boleslawa Lament. Following the legacy of our foundress, sisters strive not only to live as Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, but also to bring the Holy Family’s virtues and values to wherever it is possible. The charism of the congregation is to work for the unity of Christ’s Church to fulfill Jesus’ prayer from Last Supper, "...that they all may be one..." (Jn 17:21). Sisters offer their everyday life’s prayers, work in education, nursing, parish ministry, community and professed life to break the division and bring all God’s sons and daughters together. The congregation has its communities in Poland, USA, Italy, Belarus, Lithuania, Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania. If you would like more information or would like to come and visit us, please, contact Sister Rose at or 815.931.1309. You can also visit our website at or find us on Facebook: Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family.

We Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ (Donaldson, Indiana) strive to listen attentively to the promptings of the Spirit. We respond with courage to the daily challenge to be women of faith and vision. We live gospel values through our presence and ministry to and with others. Empowered by the same Spirit, we vowed women religious commit ourselves to respect and value each person we serve in our diverse ministries, stand with the poor and powerless in the search for justice, use our talents and resources in response to the emerging needs of Church and society, and share ministry and nurture leadership in our efforts to bring peace to the world.
Contact Sr. Connie Bach, PHJC at Visit our website:

The Religious of the Sacred Heart strive to discover and make God's love known in the heart of the world through the service of education. Founded in 1800 by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, a woman of keen intellect, deep compassion, and joyful spirit who dedicated her life to educating women in post-Revolutionary France, the Society today has members in 41 countries. In the US, we live out our educational mission in a wide variety of settings, including high schools and colleges, artists' studios and parishes, medical and legal facilities, social agencies and shelters. Building relationships and developing leaders among people from all walks of life are at the heart of our vocation. We share life together in small communities and seek, through prayer and contemplation, to be drawn ever more deeply into intimacy with God, who is always alive and active in our hearts and minds and who challenges us to make choices for justice and peace in response to the Gospel and the needs of the world.
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The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary is an international apostolic congregation of Catholic women religious founded in France.
Our mission is to know and love God and make God known and loved, and to proclaim that Jesus Christ has come "that all may have life" (Jn 10:10). Today this vision expresses itself in the diversity of ministries we undertake in educational, pastoral and social services. We work in colleges, universities, secondary and elementary schools. RSHM serve in parishes and prisons, in health care positions, in the arts, social centers, in retreat houses and retirement homes. In responding to a variety of needs, we commit ourselves especially to evangelical justice, and focus on those who are most in need of our compassion.
Today we are present in France, Ireland, Portugal, England, United States of America, Brazil, Italy, Wales, Mozambique, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Scotland.
We invite young women discerning a call to religious life, or considering a year of service as an RSHM Volunteer, visit us at: and;; and
To speak to a Vocation Director, call 914.631.8872 or contact Sr. Anna Maria at

Founded in Germany by Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, School Sisters of Notre Dame are a vibrant international congregation of vowed apostolic women with nearly 3000 members, living and ministering in 30 countries. We are women of hope, committed to bringing Jesus’ message of love and unity to our world. Our life in mission integrates prayer, community life and ministry. Believing that our international presence gives us a unique global responsibility, we address urgent needs of our time, particularly those of women, youth and those who are poor. Engaged in a variety of ministries, we are educators at heart, believing the world can be changed through the transformation of persons. Some of our ministries include formal education, social services, parish and retreat ministry, health care and missionary service. Visit us at or contact us at

The Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary are an international religious congregation of women. This is our province identity statement: We are Women of the Annunciation. We hear Gabriel’s greeting, "Do not be afraid." And we, like Mary, honestly question our life, our times and our future. We are discerning women, pregnant with promise, who face the unknown with a spirit of innovation. We believe that in true dialogue with the world, the Church and each other, we will experience the fulfillment of the promise: "Behold, I make all things new!"
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We are ordinary, Catholic women who dedicate our lives to God. Our way of life responds to the Gospel call to love God and neighbor. Sisters live the mission through a variety of ministries including social services, advocacy, spirituality, parish ministry, education, healthcare, and counseling. Our spirituality is inspired by our foundress Nano Nagle, who noticed the suffering around her, prayed for God’s wisdom, and did something about it while trusting in God to provide the way. We are women grounded in prayer, strengthened by community and called to serve those in need. Feeling called to something more? Find out about life as a Presentation Sister: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube: @dbqpbvms Website: Email Sr. Jessi:


The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth are women of hope. We are an apostolic community founded in Leavenworth, KS in 1858. We follow the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul; called to recognize Christ in the poor and marginalized. We serve in a variety of ministries in the West, Midwest, Peru and Southern Sudan.
Contact us via email: Sister Vicki Lichtenauer, Vocation Minister, Visit our website:

Mission Statement: "We Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are and international Congregation in a multicultural world.  Impelled by the love of Christ, in the tradition of Vincent de Paul and the pioneer spirit of Catherine Spalding, we and our Associates are committed to work for justice in solidarity with oppressed peoples, especially the economically poor and women, and to care for the earth.  We risk our lives and resources, both personally and corporately, as we engage in diverse ministries in carrying out this mission."
The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCNs), Western Province are an apostolic congregation serving in the United States, Belize, India, Nepal and Botswana.  Founded in Kentucky in 1812, the SCNs were the third congregation of women religious founded in the United States.  Led by a young, compassionate and fearless leader, Catherine Spalding and her Sisters responded to the most urgent needs of the Kentucky frontier.  Following in the footsteps of their foundress, the SCNs continue to serve in diverse places, ministries and ways in order to meet the needs of our times.  SCNs invite women, ages 18-45, exploring their call to learn more by visiting our website:
Contact Sr. Nancy Gerth at 502.331.4516,, or PO Box 10, Nazareth, KY 40048 for more information.

Prayer, service, and life in community are the primary principals upon which the sisters carry out their mission which is to reveal the reality and beauty of God’s love to people in need. Cherishing the gifts of creation, we affirm the virtues of humility, simplicity and charity remembering that God is ever present. In the spirit of our scripture call, "The Charity of Christ Urges Us," the sisters administer and staff educational institutions from preschool through university levels; serve in Christian formation; chaplaincy counseling, pastoral and social services. We are musicians, liturgists, lawyers; advocates for the poor, the immigrant, and underserved, nurses and healthcare ministers. We are represented primarily in the Dioceses of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Arizona, as well as New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, and Florida. Contact us through Sr. Barbara Ann Smelko, SC at 144 Mt. Thor Road, Greensburg, PA 15601, 724.836.0406, ext. 622, or Sr. Carole Blazina, SC at Seton House International, 4933 W. Patterson Ave., Chicago, IL 60641, 773.205.1822, ext. 205. Check out our website at and our two facebook pages "Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill" and "Sisters of charity of Seton Hill Vocation and Retreat Ministry".

The Sisters of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) are members of an international group of vowed women and men religious and lay members. We value prayer and community living. Our ministries include a focus on social justice as we work in the areas of anti-human trafficking, counseling, law, healthcare, pastoral work, art and education. We carry out our mission to spread the gospel message to make the goodness and kindness of Jesus known in 28 countries throughout the world. If a woman chooses to pursue her vocation as a Salvatorian, her gifts and talents will be used in service to others.  Women aged 20-50 can learn more about life as a Sister of the Divine Savior by contacting Sister Mary Lee Grady, SDS at or visiting

The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer are compelled to bring the healing presence and compassion of the Redeemer to those who suffer in body, mind and spirit.  We strive to be witnesses of hope and joy as we serve Jesus in the vulnerable.  Our inspiration flows from our relationship with Jesus, our Redeemer as we follow the example of Mother Alphonse Maria Eppinger who founded the congregation over 160 years ago on the principal that "Love of God and love of neighbor are but one single love." Through our sponsorship of the Holy Redeemer Health System, we provide healthcare, social services, and pastoral care, with a special emphasis on older adults, women and children.
Contact us: Vocation Ministry Office 215.914.4109; e-mail:; website:

We are a diocesan Catholic religious congregation. Our name is our mission. We draw our strength and design for a meaningful life from the Word of God, Christ himself. Our Apostolic work flows from our prayer, is nurtured by the Eucharist and is driven by the needs of the people around us. We educate in Catholic schools, parish ministries and other educational forums. We advocate for people and all of life by networking with peace and justice organizations. We help people through retreat work and spiritual direction and in healing ministries. Our areas of ministry are from Minnesota to Louisiana, Florida to Texas with our headquarters, north of Chicago, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
Contact us via email: Sr. Colette Fahrner, SLW ( Visit our website:

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas is an international community of Roman Catholic women vowed to serve persons who suffer poverty, sickness, and ignorance, with a special concern for women and children. Founded by Catherine McAuley in 1831 in Dublin, Ireland, Sisters of
Mercy address human misery through collaborative efforts in education, healthcare, housing, and pastoral and social service. In addition to meeting the needs of people today, Mercy seeks ways to change the social and political systems that create the problems. From grassroots letter-writing campaigns and socially responsible investing, to witnessing for justice and praying for peace, Mercy takes action. Sisters of Mercy are joined in their mission by lay women and men who serve as administrators and staff in Mercy sponsored and co-sponsored facilities, and by Mercy Associates, Companions in Mercy, and Mercy Volunteer Corps members.

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, women with hearts as wide as the world, make known God's goodness and love of those living in poverty through a Gospel way of life, community and prayer. Continuing a strong educational tradition, we stand with the poor, women, and children. We commit ourselves to work with others to create justice and peace for all. As an international religious community, founded in 1804 by St. Julie Billiart and Françoise Blin the Bourdon, we continue their mission today in Africa, Europe, Japan, North and South America. Our ministries include: education, parish and youth ministry, spiritual direction/counseling, and other developing ministries which respond to today's needs. Notre Dame Associates and Notre Dame Mission Volunteers also share our charism.
Contact us via email: Visit our website:

Sisters of Sion are an international congregation serving in 21 countries. We focus our prayer on the Word of God. Our daily lives and our ministries are centered in the hope for justice, reconciliation and peace. We educate, do social work, pastoral ministry, Jewish-Christian, ecumenical and interfaith relations.
Contact us via email: Visit our website:

We are a congregation of women religious who are dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus. We wish to proclaim to every person that their life, their blood is indeed precious, and worth the Precious Blood of Jesus. For this reason, we believe in the undeniable link between the Eucharistic and social justice. For more information, we invite you to our website: or to email

Presentation Sisters dedicate our lives to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We choose to embody this apostolic vision by living in community and vowing to live simply, celibately and with shared responsibility. In addition to vowed members, our Presentation family includes associates, women and men who are inspired by the spirit of our foundress, Nano Nagle. We are connected to Presentation sisters and associates around the world through the International Presentation Association ( We have committed ourselves to offering hope, love, and hospitality to our world by confronting injustice and working for peace. Contact: |


Presentation Women are committed to following the work of their foundress, Nano Nagle, by continuing to serve the poor in the ministries of education, social/pastoral ministry, health care, religious education, immigration work, foreign missions, spiritual direction and retreat ministry.
Young adult women are invited to join us in our life of prayer, community, and service through one of several Presentation Sisters Service and Outreach Programs. Our program offers Young Adult and College Service Weeks, short term experiences and full time yearlong volunteer positions with stipend, health insurance, and communal living options. Any interested woman is encouraged to contact Sr. Mary Catherine Redmond, PBVM
Contact us via email: Visit our websites: and

The  Sisters of the Resurrection are a small, international community founded by a mother and her daughter in 1891.  The community was founded in Rome, Italy but within a few short years spread to many countries.  The Sisters’ main ministries are education and health care.

Today the Sisters serve in the US, Poland, Italy, White Russia, England, Canada, Argentina and Tanzania. Contact Sister Kathleen Skrocki at Visit our website:

The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother is a Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Assisi. We are an international, multicultural congregation. We share in the mission of Jesus to bring fuller life to others by revealing God’s love for all, especially the poor. With Mary, Mother of Sorrows, we strive to be a compassionate presence to those who suffer. Our main ministries include healthcare, education, youth ministry and related fields within those four areas. We serve the Lord in ten countries: The USA, Austria, Germany, Italy, Tanzania, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. Visit our website:

Visit our website:

As Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, our lives in Community are rooted in the Cross, Word, and Eucharist. Guided by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, we compassionately respond to the needs of our times through prayer, presence and hospitality. We serve as parish leaders, educators, health caregivers, campus ministers, artists, minority and environmental advocates, social workers, literacy counselors, retreat directors, missionaries, and administrators. With the same courage, tenacity and faithfulness as our founders, we actively engage in improving the spiritual and material condition of those with needs. We strive to live our Franciscan values in our relationships with all of God's creation. As we respond compassionately to today's needs through prayer, presence and hospitality. For more information our website:, facebook: gbfranciscans.

The Sisters of St. Francis, Tiffin, OH, along with their associates, desire to live the Gospel in an intentional way. They are committed to Franciscan values of care for creation, a special love for those who are poor, peacemaking, and a deep contemplative life from which their ministry flows. These values drive their sponsored ministries: elder care, child care, environmental education and community supported agriculture, retreats, and spiritual direction. They are actively engaged in peace and justice ministries primarily in the United States and Mexico. Hospitality, simplicity and joy characterize their relationships with one another in community and the way they share the Good News with others. Founded in 1869 to meet a local need for orphan and elder care, the Tiffin Franciscans continue to minister in response to the current needs of the Church and the world. For more information, contact Visit our website:

The Franciscan Sisters of Rochester believe as St. Francis did: that we are all brothers and sisters, one family under God. With a rich spiritual heritage and the strength of prayer and community, we choose ministries guided by societal needs and the call to justice. You will find us across the United States and in Bogotá, Colombia, in inner cities and rural areas, responding to the call to justice and peace; we are teachers, nurses, spiritual directors, artists, writers, administrators, religious educators, counselors, social workers, therapists, and healers of creation. We believe in the empowerment of women and the worth and dignity of every person. We learn as we teach, are healed as we heal others and are changed as we pray and act with compassion. We hope to join with others in creating with compassion a just and loving global community.
For more information, contact
Facebook: Rochester Franciscans

Called by God and passionate for the mission of Jesus, the Sisters of St. Joseph come together to serve all persons. With a distinctive spirit of hospitality and a particular concern for the poor, we witness to the Gospel message by being a unifying and reconciling presence to a world in need. (Mission Statement of the Albany Province)
As Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, we are called to the same profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction that characterized the women who founded our congregation over 360 years ago. Rooted in prayer, in community living and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to the mission of unity and reconciliation, nonviolence and peacemaking through concrete efforts toward our goal of communion with the sacred, with the Earth, with one another, with the Church and with all whom we meet. We desire always to move toward a greater inclusivity and unifying love that reverences diverse cultures and faiths, reflects the interconnectedness of all creation and gives direction to our ministry. Our patron, St. Joseph, reminds us of the openness and humility we need to deepen communion as expressed in our Constitution, our early documents and the Gospel of Jesus. Joseph, man of justice, peace, courage and love faithfully followed the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and calls us to do the same.
In the spirit of hospitality to which our founders called us, we welcome you to our website:
For more information contact Sr. Jeanne Marie Gocha, CSJ email: or 518.935.8194.

We are a religious community of women committed to the radical message of the gospel "that all may be one" (Jn 17:21) and strive to live as witnesses and bearers of the reconciling love of Jesus. We define our lives through prayer, community, and service in the company of our "neighbor" with compassion, creativity, and courage. We are called to do "any work a woman is capable of" in a struggling and hope-filled world. Exploring religious life is a journey and hopefully a discovery to where you will find a home and where you are your best and your most generous self. This journey takes time to get to know a community and the community to know you--come for a visit! For more information, please contact Sr. Donna Del Santo, SSJ:
Phone: 585.733.4422 
Facebook: Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester 
Twitter: SSJRochester
Podcast on NPR’s “All things Considered” with a young woman discerning religious life:


The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis is an evangelical community of vowed Franciscan women and associate members who are dedicated to Gospel living. Our mission is to make God more deeply known and loved, thereby drawing all persons to fuller and freer life. We do this with a commitment to our deepest desires: • to build life-giving communities • to empower one another to Gospel living • to bond with others in ever-widening circles of compassion and peace • to speak from our common understanding that there be no outcasts in our experience of life For more information contact the Sr. Barb Krakora SSJ-TOSF.
Contact us via email:
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We, Sisters of St. Martha, inspired by God’s graciousness, hear, embrace and respond to the cry for Gospel Hospitality. (Mission Statement, Chapter 2004)
Our Mission statement speaks to our 114 year history of dedicated service to the Church and the people of God. We first responded to this cry for Gospel Hospitality in 1900 at St. Francis Xavier University where we welcomed the students and priests by our presence and by providing the service of household management. It did not take long for our young congregation to hear and embrace a new cry for Gospel Hospitality as nurses and teachers, followed by our pioneering work in the field of social work. As founding members of the Antigonish Movement we have always been with and for the people, meeting them where they are.
Today we continue to respond in ways that give life to the values to which we have committed ourselves: Hospitality; Communion; Consecrated Life; Justice; Service; Simplicity; Collaboration; Stewardship. We strive to offer our life as mission by being pockets of hope in our world in whatever way we are able.
If you feel inspired to join us in being a pocket of hope in our world, come and see us!
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We are Ursuline Sisters sustained by prayer and vowed life in community, who proclaim Jesus through education and Christian formation. Our charism is a creative contemplative response to the needs of the people of God. Founded in 1874 in western Kentucky, our core values are Prayer, Service, Empowerment, Justice, and Contemplative Presence, in the spirit of our founder, Saint Angela Merici. We minister in Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Louisiana, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., and Chile, South America. Our focus is in four areas: Education, from primary grades to college; Church ministry; Social Outreach and Justice Advocacy with the poor, children, the elderly, immigrants, and the homeless; and ministries of Body, Mind, and Spirit. We sponsor two institutions, Brescia University, and the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center. More than 500 Ursuline Associates join us in prayer and ministry. To explore your vocation as an Ursuline Sister, contact Sister Sharon Sullivan at 270.570.1193, 270.229.4200, or 270.229.4103, ext. 201 or 716, or by e-mail at or; 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356. Visit our websites at and

In the spirit of our foundress, St. Angela Merici, Ursulines of the Roman Union seek to live and make visible the counter-cultural Gospel values of Jesus.  Ursulines serve throughout the United States and in 36 countries on six continents.  We fulfill our mission today in varied fields: education on every level, pastoral ministries, social services, and outreach to immigrants, children, the elderly, prisoners and those who are homeless.  In whatever work we are engaged, we seek to affirm and bring hope to all we meet.
For more information, contact: Sr. Jean Hopman, OSU or Sr. Elisa Ryan, OSU Visit our website: and vocation blog

We are a community of vowed women (Sisters) and covenant (Associate) women and men, who live the Gospel following the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, and our foundress Mother M. Clara Pfaender. We are the United States province of an international congregation, the Franciscan Sisters, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The mission of our Province is to live the gospel life, discovered in prayer and community. Through loving presence and service, we foster personal and community growth as we respond to the needs of the church and the times. We are a welcoming community of faith striving together to be a Blessing in the Heart of the World. We invite like-hearted people to join us as seekers – in prayer – in worship – in personal growth – in mission – in community. Visit our website: or email us at You will also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Colleges and Universities

Assumption College is a Catholic liberal arts college founded and sponsored by the Augustinians of the Assumption in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Vocational discernment opportunities at Assumption include the The SOPHIA (SOPHomore Initiative at Assumption College) program which is designed to help students discover a deeper connection between their spiritual, personal and professional lives. By combining residential, academic and travel opportunities under the guidance of four dedicated faculty mentors, SOPHIA strives to foster a culture of vocational exploration that will help students pursue productive lives of meaning.  In addition, the Office of Campus Ministry offers a Ministry Internship Program which allows students discerning a vocation in ministry an opportunity to work in a parish or other ecclesial setting, the annual Crossroads sophomore vocational discernment retreat, and ongoing vocational discernment groups for male and female students.
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The College of the Holy Cross is a private, undergraduate, Roman Catholic, Jesuit liberal arts college located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Founded in 1843, Holy Cross is the oldest Catholic college in New England.  The Office of College Chaplains provides ongoing support to assist students in vocational discernment, including the Summer Ministry Internship Program, which provides opportunities for students to serve in a ministerial setting for 10-weeks.  The Summer Ministry internships are paired with mentoring and reflection to further assist students' discernment.  Visit our website:


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Saint Xavier University is Chicago’s oldest Catholic University—founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1846; it is one of 16 Mercy colleges and universities across the country. Originally founded to educate women and the poor, our students are a microcosm of the 21st century workforce, with a population that is 40 percent minority and among the most diverse in the City of Chicago. The Office for University Ministry encompasses the Department of Campus Ministry, the Office for Mission and Heritage, the Center for Religion and Public Discourse, MercyCare, collaborations with the Archdiocese of Chicago, outreach to the local community, and connects to the University’s academic ministry programs through the Pastoral Ministry Institute. Campus Ministry provides resources and opportunities for religious and spiritual growth; all are welcome to participate in reflection and prayer, service and social justice projects, small faith sharing and study groups, retreats and leadership opportunities.
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St. John Fisher College, Pittsford, NY

As an independent institution in the Catholic tradition of American higher education, St. John Fisher College emphasizes the liberal arts, offering programs in traditional academic disciplines as well as more directly career-oriented fields. The College is composed of five schools: the School of Arts and Sciences; the School of Business; the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education; the Wegmans School of Nursing; and the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. Fisher offers undergraduate majors in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, business, education, and nursing, as well as several pre-professional programs. The College also offers a variety of master's and doctoral programs; a fully online program and several online courses are part of the curriculum mix as well.
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St. James Roman Catholic Church [Catholic Campus Ministry: Illinois Tech, VanderCook College of Music and Illinois College of Optometry]
St. James Catholic Church is a vibrant parish located on the near south side of Chicago. The parish reflects the diversity of the surrounding neighborhoods. Our Sunday Masses are joyful expressions of our love for God, incorporating everything form Gregorian Chant to Gospel music. When you come to worship at St. James, don’t be surprised if someone notices that you are a visitor! We are involved in the life of our community through the outreach of our food pantry, the care we show to our seniors and shut-ins, and the campus ministry we provide to the surrounding colleges. St. James is a place where all are welcome to come deepen their relationship with God and one another!
St. Thomas Aquinas - The Catholic Center at Purdue
St. Thomas Aquinas has been functioning at its present site as a Newman Center since 1950, although Catholic campus ministry has been functioning at Purdue since the turn-of-the 20th Century.  With a staff of 15 professionals, 12 interns and numerous, regular office volunteers, we seek to serve the 13,000 Catholics at Purdue University and the over 900 registered families and their children.  
At our university parish, we have 30 student groups which operate separately but under the umbrella and overall sponsorship of Purdue Catholic Students (PCS).  The leaders of these groups form one Ministry Leadership Team under the leadership of the student PCS officers.   Leaders from these groups participate regularly in numerous spiritual activities, including daily Mass, Adoration, rosary and retreats.  We employ a student-run, staff-facilitated model of ministry, which provides staff advisors to each of these groups from our professional staff. 
The current parish mission statement, adopted in 2014:
St. Thomas Aquinas serves as the Catholic Center at Purdue University. Our parish engages the youthful energy of all its members to nurture their faith journey across all generations through liturgy, spiritual and intellectual formation, stewardship, and justice with peace. We joyfully welcome all who wish to meet life’s challenges through lived faith in Jesus Christ.

Volunteer & Service Programs

Amate House is the young adult volunteer program of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Since our founding in 1984, we have been dedicated to providing young adults with opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Our program is designed to support and form leaders for the Church and world, as well as to provide services in response to the needs of the poor and marginalized. Each year, Amate House Volunteers devote a year of their lives to serving in Chicago. These young adults live in community houses in the neighborhoods where they serve, spend 40+ hours a week performing critical tasks at financially-strapped nonprofits, parishes, and schools in the city, and participate in a formation program that encourages them to understand and explore the link between Christian faith and service.
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Benedictine Volunteers is a collaborative Catholic women’s volunteer program sponsored by three Benedictine women’s communities in North and South Dakota and Texas: The Benedictine Sisters of Bismarck, North Dakota – Annunciation Monastery; The Benedictine Sisters of Rapid City, South Dakota – St. Martin Monastery; The Benedictine Sisters of Boerne, Texas – St. Scholastic Monastery. Benedictine Volunteers fosters the personal and spiritual development of women ages 20-58 who are discerning their life’s call and/or a possible call to religious life by providing enriching and broadening service experiences in a Benedictine environment. Benedictine volunteers extend the heart and hands of the community by reaching out with the Sisters to serve the needs of the Church and world. Volunteers are given a wide variety of service opportunities, individually matched to each woman’s gifts and unique desires to serve. During their time of service, volunteers live, eat, pray, play, and work hand-in-hand with the Sisters in furthering the outreach mission of each religious community. Our vision is to inspire a spirit of service and discernment by which each volunteer fully realizes the unique call God has placed in her heart to joyfully animate the world with God’s love, compassion, and justice.  Contact: Marena Hoogland, Social Media Coordinator Benedictine Volunteers

Affiliation: Roman Catholic, Order of Saint Benedict, Annunciation Monastery (Bismarck, ND), St. Martin Monastery (Rapid City, SD) and St. Scholastica Monastery (Boerne, TX).
Goal of Program: By providing enriching and broadening service opportunities in a Benedictine environment, our goal is to inspire a spirit of service and discernment by which each volunteer fully realizes the unique call God has placed in her heart to joyfully animate the world with God’s love, compassion, and justice. Our hope is that volunteers exit our program better empowered to live their purpose and be God’s hands and feet in the Church and world.
Type of Placement: Volunteers are given a wide variety of service opportunities across each of our three monastery sites. Each woman is individually matched to a community and to service opportunities that meet her unique gifts and desires to serve. These service opportunities include: archives, calligraphy and painting, elderly care and recreation, gardening, health care, Hispanic, hospital, hospitality, library, liturgy and music, home building, orphanage assistance, photography, multicultural, poverty alleviation, prison, switchboards, teaching, and university ministries.

Web: | Facebook: | Twitter: @BeneVolunteer | Pinterest:

Catholic Volunteer Network fosters and promotes full-time domestic and international faith-based volunteer service opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skills. As the leading membership organization of Christian volunteer and mission programs, we support and enhance the work of our members through volunteer recruitment, training and resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy. Within our Network of 200+ volunteer programs, over 20,000 individuals serve annually. Prospective volunteers can discover service opportunities through our printed directory of volunteer programs, RESPONSE, or our online searchable database found at

Change A Heart Franciscan Volunteer Program is a ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities. The Change A Heart Franciscan Volunteer Program is rooted in the spirit of St. Francis and the spirit of the Sisters of St. Francis for single men and women, ages 21 through 30, who intentionally live out their service experience through Franciscan values of service, simple lifestyle, community and spirituality. This program strives to inspire and mentor young adults so they develop skills to intentionally live out lifelong Gospel values of modeling justice, peacemaking, hospitality, and caring for the earth and all creation by providing direct essential services among those who are marginalized in western Pennsylvania. Founded in 1999 by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, Change A Heart strives to attract young adults to faith-filled leadership and to challenge them to support the efforts of low-income people to gain social and economic empowerment. It is a 12-month service experience that empowers young adults to live simply in community while serving a vulnerable population.
Change A Heart members are invited to accept the challenge of experiencing the power of God through relationships which empower the powerless, promote peace and transform the world around them. Change A Heart is the only program of its kind in southwestern Pennsylvania where members directly serve with those who are vulnerable, marginalized and most in need. Members serve in areas of education, health, nutrition, and other social services including but not limited to disaster relief, community outreach, case management and housing/shelter with children, youth, adults and seniors. For more information and how to apply to our program, please visit us on

We are a ministry of the Society of the Sacred Heart (US Canada province) founded in 2007. We welcome small groups of high school juniors/seniors, college and young college alumni groups who come to do service, have a cultural immersion in New Orleans and reflect on their experience. Our website, which has more information, is Our Facebook page is Duchesne House for Volunteers.

Visit our website:

Maryknoll Lay Missioners is a Catholic organization inspired by the mission of Jesus to live and work with poor communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, responding to basic needs and helping to create a more just and compassionate world. Our missioners make an initial commitment of 3 ½ years of service with the poor overseas. The minimum age to become a lay missioner is 23 years old and we accept single men & women, married couples, and families. For more information visit:


The PHJC Volunteer Program offers single, Catholic women 21+ the opportunity to live in a faith-based context with Sisters in intentional community while volunteering in one of our various ministries with the poor and marginalized. Volunteers serve for 3 to 12 months in domestic or international ministries. Women are matched by their interests and skills with the needs of our ministries. Volunteers share the charism and spiritual traditions of Blessed Catherine Kasper, foundress of the PHJCs. Volunteers live out their baptismal call to share God’s presence in the world while discerning a life of service as single, married or religious and are inspired by the four core values of Openness to the Spirit, Simplicity, Community and Dignity and Respect for all. Personal, professional and spiritual growth are essential components of the program. Applications and new volunteers are accepted year round. For more information, please contact:
Sr. Connie Bach, Director of PHJC Volunteers
Address: 1213 E. Bronson St., South Bend, IN 46615
Phone: 1.574.340.6409
To learn more about us, please visit:
Twitter: @bach_connie

In the Spirit of our Foundress, Venerable Nano Nagle, The Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary welcome women to come and share with us in our Presentation Charism. As Presentation Sisters we seek daily to promote hope, justice, freedom, and human dignity to all we meet through our many and varied ministries. Our long—term volunteer experience is open to single women 21+ who will live in community with Presentation Sisters and other volunteers. This volunteer experience runs 11 months beginning mid- August and ending in June. We also welcome women on an ongoing basis to join us for a long weekends, alternative winter or spring break, summer vacation or for one to three months of extended service. Volunteers will live and pray in community with Presentation Sisters and Associates and reflect on their service in light of our Gospel values. Some types of placement include but are not limited to education, health and pastoral care, direct and in-direct service with the poor in soup kitchens and shelters in the Newburgh, NY, and New York City areas.
Contact: Sr. Mary T. Naccarato, PBVM at 845.399.4433,, or on Facebook. Visit our website:

We invite young adults 21-30 to join us in our life of prayer, community, and service for an eleven month time of volunteer service-September through July. 

Volunteers serve at:
Bethany House - a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality sheltering homeless women and their children. This is an excellent opportunity for a woman interested in working with homeless women on issues related to physical & mental health, poverty, post-incarceration, domestic violence, substance abuse, housing and work. (
Nativity Preparatory Academy - a Catholic middle school (5th to 8th grade) serving families who fall below the federal poverty line. Students share a diverse ethnic and religious background. More than half of the students are refugees. (
Saint Joseph Neighborhood Center - a team of over 250 talented volunteer providers offering comprehensive health care and counseling to individuals and families who lack access health care. (
Volunteers receive - living allowance of $13,762/year (pre-tax); health insurance coverage; college loan deferments; AmeriCorps Ed Award of $5,920 (pre-tax); optional intentional community living.
For more information, please contact Sr. Donna Del Santo, SSJ:
Sisters of St. Joseph Volunteer Corps
314 Gregory Street
Rochester, NY 14620
Phone: 585.733.4422

The SSJ Mission Corps is a year-long volunteer program in the city of Philadelphia for young adult women. Volunteers are invited to open themselves to being challenged and transformed as they work for justice and reach out to meet the needs of the "dear neighbors"; growing to understand the deeper meaning of "One Year to Change a Life." While living in community volunteers focus on justice, spirituality, and simple living. You give us one year, we'll give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your neighbor, and God. Volunteers serve the urban poor and marginalized in Philadelphia, live in community with fellow volunteers, and take time to reflect on their service experiences with one another, and challenge each other in prayer and living out the Gospel mission all in the spirit of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Contact us via email: Visit our website:

The St. Joseph Worker Program is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The Program empowers women, 21-30, committed to social change to respond to the needs of the times. The St. Joseph Worker Program fosters the self-empowerment of women through the values of the leadership, spirituality, social justice, intentional community and living simply, to allow them in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph, to serve where the need is greatest. St. Joseph Workers (SJWs) form a small intentional community among themselves living in their own house. The larger community of Sisters provides hospitality, relationship, training, spiritual direction, and mentoring relationships for the SJWs throughout the year. Women advocate and work with victims of domestic violence, housing and resources for those experiencing homelessness, mental health advocates, education and social services. Check us out: Albany, NY:; St. Paul, MN:; Los Angeles, CA;; Wichita, KS:

The Vincentian Lay Missionaries (VLM) is a collaborative effort of the Daughters of Charity, lay women and men throughout the United States, and members of the Vincentian Family in Ethiopia and Kenya, to involve young adults in the mission of serving those who are poor and most abandoned. The Vincentian Lay Missionary Program offers an opportunity for Catholic young adults, ages 21-35, to travel to Ethiopia and Kenya to serve in the Vincentian tradition. Embracing the core pillars of prayer/reflection, community, and ministry, the program provides a four week experience which requires simple living, a flexible mindset, reflective lifestyle, other-centered spirit, and service commitment. For more information, check out our website at

The Vincentian Mission Corps is a year-long volunteer program for young adults, ages 22-30 to serve in St. Louis, MO. Our mission is to provide an experience of living in community and working with those living in poverty in the spirit of St. Vincent De Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. It is our goal that our volunteers, as they respond to the call of the Gospel by working, praying, and living in the Vincentian spirit, will develop a consuming commitment to improving the lives of the poor and marginalized in our society. Vincentian Mission Corps is sponsored by the Daughters of Charity of the Province of St. Louise. For more information, call 314.561.4600 or email Visit our website:


Organizations and Institutes

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Young Adult Ministry is the outreach service of the Catholic Community in the Archdiocese of Chicago to women and men in their twenties and thirties, married and single.
Visit our website:

The Chicago Archdiocesan Vocation Association (CAVA) consists of vocation ministers representing various religious congregations and partner organizations who collaborate and support one another in our vocation work. CAVA members promote general vocation awareness and accompany men and women who are discerning a vocation to consecrated life or help them on their journey as they respond to God’s call in their life. CAVA offers vocation awareness opportunities including discernment retreats, workshops and presentations for parishes, schools, colleges and youth and young adult groups. CAVA is a ministry of the Office for Religious (OFR) in the Archdiocese of Chicago. To get involved, request an event or to help with vocation discernment: Email: | Ph: 312-534-5240 | Visit our website:

St. Matthias Parish is located in the Diocese of Gary. We average 1,200 people attending Mass on the weekends. We are a parish that strives to have many opportunities for its members and welcoming to all.

Echo is a two-year graduate service program whose participants engage in full-time service to the Church, earn a tuition-free M.A. in theology, and participate in integrative formation. Echo participants spend two summers at Notre Dame, and two academic years (August through May) providing direct service to either Catholic parishes and ​diocesan offices​ (through a variety of catechetical ministries, such as RCIA and Youth Ministry) or to Catholic middle and high schools (as theology teachers and campus ministers​), all while living in intentional faith communities with other Echo participants.
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The National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) is a professional organization of vocation ministers that presents religious life as a viable option in the Catholic Church. NRVC has a vision to set the world ablaze with the fire of God’s love through the prophetic, joyful witness of religious sisters, brothers, and priests as radical disciples of Jesus. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for vocation discernment and the full flourishing of religious life for the ongoing transformation of the world. NRVC has an annual membership of almost 1,000 sisters, brothers, priests and lay ecclesial ministers representing over 350 religious institutes, both national and international, most of whom are vocation ministers for religious congregations. Through its four CARA studies and subsequent CARA studies, NRVC recognizes women and men are still inquiring about religious life and discerning their vocation. Matter of fact, the 2012 NRVC Educational Debt Study reported 93% of all religious institutes have had at least one serious inquirer since 2000 and 79% of all religious institutes have had at least one formal applicant since 2000. For more information about the resources NRVC provides to its members and the public, visit our website at and like us on Facebook at National Religious Vocation Conference. To inquire about membership, call Deborah Borneman, SS.C.M., director of member relations and services at 773.363.5454 or email her at










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