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Online Retreat 2012: Mystery, Revelation and Faith: Hearing and Responding to God's Call


Our aim in Catholics on Call is to provide a space in which young adults can discern and eventually decide as to whether they are being called to exercise ministry in the church, whether that ministry be as lay people, as religious brothers or sisters, or as ordained ministers in religious congregations or in dioceses. We believe that God’s call is found in the depths of our hearts, and that if we search our hearts sincerely, especially in dialogue with others, we will discover that God’s call is not very different from our own most cherished dreams. As Notre Dame theologian John Dunne has said powerfully: “God’s will is the heart’s desire.” This gives us a clue to who the God of Christians is: a God who invites us to friendship and participation in the divine life. All “vocations” find their roots here.

But how do we come to know this God? This is what we would like to reflect on together in this Online Retreat this month. What I’d like to propose in the four reflections that make up the content of this retreat is that—negatively—we don’t know God by just trying hard to know God. God is Mystery, and so radically unknowable and inexpressible. Rather—positively—we can know God because God has and continues to reveal God’s self—God’s Mystery—to us. To paraphrase the first letter of John (4:19), we know God because God first loved us.  It is to this love, offered in the rhythms of our lives, in God’s Word in Scripture, and in the riches of Tradition, that we respond with our whole being—mind, heart, and will—in the continuing act of faith.

And so our retreat will focus on Mystery, Revelation, and Faith as we hear and respond to God’s challenging and yet life-giving call in our lives.

We suggest that you take 15-20 minutes per day to pray with the questions for reflection. There will be one article per week with reflection questions for every day during the four weeks of retreat. Catholics on Call alums and partners are invited to sign up for the Message Board where they can share their thoughts and insights with each other and their mentors. Click "subscribe forum" on the bottom left to follow the discussion. There is also be a public comment box at the end of each article.

Steve Bevans, SVD, Faculty Moderator

Week One: Mystery

Week Two: Knowing the Mystery

Week Three: Mystery All Around us: Where Revelation is Found

Week Four: Opening Our Lives to Mystery: The Response of Faith

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