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Online Retreats


In this Online Retreat, we invite you to reflect on the Holy Spirit, that Spirit of gentleness and restlessness that moves over the waters of our sometimes messy and chaotic lives, stirring up the thirsts of the world and calling us to join in slaking those thirsts.


This year's Online Retreat features some reflections on the nature of Christian Vocation. It is an invitation to reflect more deeply on our vocational journey, to pray along the way, and perhaps to discover new directions for our life. Bon voyage!

Online Retreat 2014: Reflecting on Ministry (BY STEVE BEVANS, SVD)

For the first time our annual online retreat is available in video format! The presenter addresses questions like "What is Ministry?" - "What do ministers do?" - "What are some of the attitudes that ministers need to cultivate?" in seven short presentations. He doesn't answer those questions directly, but gives a number of "theses" or "descriptions" of what ministry is and what ministers are about.

Online Retreat 2013: The Spirituality of Vatican II (BY STEVE BEVANS, SVD)

Our online retreat this year will introduce you to some of the great spiritual ideas of Vatican II, help you reflect on them, and help you pray with them. At the beginning of every week we will offer a general introduction to a particular Council document. Then every day we will offer a short text from that document, pose a question or two for your reflection, and suggest a short prayer based on the text for the day.

Online retreat 2012: Mystery, Revelation, and FAith: Hearing and Responding to God's Call (by Steve Bevans, SVD)

In this online retreat we reflect on who this God is, who calls us and invites to friendship and participation in the divine life. All "vocations" find their roots there. We can know God only because God has and continues to reveal God's Mystery to us. It is to this love that we are called to respond with our whole being.

Online retreat 2011: discerning a life of service in the church (by Coc staff members)

This is a four week journey through the book "Catholics on Call - Discerning a Life of Service in the Church". We would like to invite you to take a step closer to God in these few weeks by praying and discerning how God is speaking to you right now and how God is calling YOU to serve the Church.

online retreat 2010: living the eucharist (by Robin Ryan, CP)

The mystery of the Eucharist is not only something we celebrate, it is also a reality that we seek to live as followers of Jesus. You are invited to read one reflection per week, over a period of four weeks and make use of the recommended Scripture readings and reflection questions for your prayer during the week.

online retreat 2008: called and sent (by Robin Ryan, CP)

Called and Sent is a five-part online retreat. Each of the five sections will include a reflection on a Scripture passage and some recommendations for personal prayer and reflection. We will look at five biblical stories of call in order to examine various dimensions of vocation. This retreat is offered to everyone who wishes to enter into the mystery of their own vocation in life a little more deeply.

Online Retreat 2007: The Lord's Prayer - A Spirituality of Discipleship (by robin Ryan, CP)

The prayer that Jesus taught his disciples is more than simply a prayer. It embodies a spirituality for those who wish to follow the Lord. Through the centuries famous Christian theologians and spiritual writers have commented on the Lord’s Prayer and used it as a framework for articulating Christian spirituality. In these four weeks of retreat, we will reflect upon various dimensions of this prayer as we seek to deepen our relationship with Christ.

Online Retreat 2006: Gazing on the face of christ (by robin Ryan, CP)

This four week retreat invites you to take a loving look at the face of Christ and encounter his presence as the Crucified-One, our Friend, the Bread of Life, and the Good Samaritan.

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