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Online Retreat 2011: Discerning a Life of Service in the Church


On Monday, January 3 we began a four week journey through the book which bears the title of our program, Catholics on Call. As you know, the focus of CoC is all about discerning a life of service in the Church, and we would like to invite you to take a step closer to God in these next weeks by praying and discerning how God is speaking to you right now. You can do the retreat any time and on your own schedule. To share your thoughts with the Catholics on Call community, leave a comment in the box below.

Here’s how it works: Each weekday over the period of four weeks, we are sharing a quote from a different section of the book. The first week will focus on Father Don Senior’s article on Biblical perspectives of “call”; week two we’ll read Bishop Morneau’s reflections on Discernment; week three will be a mix of various authors, including our own Sheila McLaughlin, and their insights on different ways of responding to the call; and week four will focus on Robin Ryan’s insights into prayer and the invitation to take a step closer to God.

So here’s the invitation: Let’s spend some time every day with each other in a kind of “cyber-communion.” Please read and reflect on the quotes from the book, and even share those reflections with each other. Catholics on Call alums are invited to sign up for the Message Board where they can share their thoughts and insights with each other and their mentors. There is also be a public comment box at the end of each article. If anyone would like to purchase the book you can purchase it at Liturgical PressAmazon or another online store. Are you ready?

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