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"Do you believe in life after death?" - A Scripture Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

by Matthew Garcia-Sierra | April 2, 2017

"Do you believe in life after death?"
A Scripture Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

April 2, 2017: Ez 37:12-14; Ps 130:1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8; Rom 8:8-11; Jn 11:1-45 or Jn 11:3-7, 17, 20-27, 33b-45

Today’s readings, on the 5th Sunday of Lent, all touch on the subject of conquering death through Christ. For some, this is a tough pill to swallow. There is a finality in dying and the opaqueness of this aspect of our world often scares even the staunchest of believers. Death is a mysterious and agonizing aspect of our lives; does Christ’s light reveal enough of what is just past the veil that separates this world and the next, that we may trust?

I think that this concept is fundamental to the structural integrity of our Catholic Faith. Each passage speaks to the Holy Trinity and the power that our faith holds in it. In a nutshell, the message is that God (the father) has worked through Christ (the son) to conquer sin and death through filling the faithful with the Holy Spirit. Each passage shares a very direct message; have faith in me and follow my ways and you will have everlasting life.

This is comforting, because following the path of Christ is not easy in today’s world. It is easy to envelope ourselves in “the flesh” by zoning out in our technology or pass up going to Sunday Mass in lieu of Bloody Mary Sunday. The three readings today stand as testimony that the sacrifice of this world will bring great reward in the next life. It should not have to feel like a sacrifice to go to Mass, but in today’s world we all know the (perceived) difficulties of unplugging.

I cannot do justice in explaining the beauty and joy that I feel when I release my worries and mind to Christ. But if that is a sliver of what the next life might feel like, I am ready and willing to sacrifice the ways of this world in hope of the next. I love and appreciate the Lenten season not only for remembering the death of Christ, but also his resurrection and ascension to heaven.

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Matthew Garcia-Sierra
Matt participated Catholics On Call in 2015. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is wrapping up his studies for an MBA at the University of New Mexico. Currently he is working on a tough local political campaign. He has in the past been involved with Eucharistic Ministry. See more about Matt on his Twitter or Instagram.
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