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Christina Zaker

Author information

Director of Field Education and Director of English for Theological Education
M.A.P.S., Loyola Univeristy Chicago; Ecumenical D.Min., Catholic Theological Union

As the Director of Field Education, Christina Zaker brings over 25 years of ministerial experience. She has worked in Campus Ministry at DePaul University, as the Executive Director of Amate House for the Archdiocese of Chicago, and in parish ministry. She has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein and at CTU. She is also a frequent speaker and retreat director.

Research and publishing interests focus on theological reflection as well as family spirituality. Her doctoral work focused on the development parable as a lens for theological reflection.  She has written numerous articles that have appeared in the journals Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry, New Theology Review, US Catholic Magazine, and the National Catholic Reporter. She has also co-authored a chapter in the book Brimming with God: Reflecting Theologically on Cases in Ministry (Pickwick, 2015).

Christina is a member of the Association for Theological Field Educators and the National Association of Lay Ministers. She is married to Christopher Zaker and they have four children.

Contributions from Christina Zaker

A Scripture Reflection for the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 20, 2017: Is 56:1, 6-7; Ps 67:2-3, 5, 6, 8; Rom 11:13-15, 29-32; Mt 15:21-28

August 20, 2017

A Scripture Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter April 29, 2018


First Reading: Acts 9:26-31

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 22: 26-27, 28, 30, 31-31

Second Reading: 1 John 3:18-24

Gospel: John 15: 1-8



April 28, 2018

A Scripture reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent  

December 9, 2018



First Reading: Baruch 5:1-9

Psalm: 25:4-5, 8-9, 10, 14

Second Reading: Philippians 1: 4-6, 8-11

Gospel: Luke 3:1-6



December 8, 2018

A Scripture reflection for Second Sunday of the Easter

April 28, 2019



Reading 1: Acts 5:12-16

Psalm 118:2-4, 13-15, 22-2

Reading 2: Revelation 1: 9-11A, 12-13, 17-19

Gospel: John 20:19-31

April 27, 2019
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