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2017 Advent Reflections


2017 Advent Reflections

We invite you to join Steve Bevans, SVD in an Advent reflection "A Biblical Theology of Vocation." Over the course of these four weeks of Advent, Steve will explain that, "There really is no one way that the Bible tells the story of the vocations of its many characters. On the contrary, there are quite a few ways that the Bible describes a person’s call." It is Steve's hope that, "This will be new and fresh, however, is to see how many different ways people are called and respond to God’s call in their lives. Vocation in the Bible is not according to some rigid formula, pointing to the fact that our own calling may not fit a particular mold either. God calls some women and men who respond right away, even though they may need to grow into the call."

Following each week's reflection we invite to you to consider the reflection questions to discover how God maybe working in your life this Advent.

Advent 2017

Introduction: A Biblical Theology of Vocation

Week 1: Leaving all behind...

WEEK 2: BUT … BUT… BUT I ...

Week 3: Vocation with the Help of Others...

Week 4: Vocation to Evangelization: Mary Magdalene and the Woman at the Well



Week 1: Leaving All Behind, but Having to Learn a Lot: Abraham and Sarah, Jesus’ First Disciples

Reflection Questions

1.     To what/to where is God calling you to?

2.     What is holding you back?

3.     Do you understand why God is calling you?

Week 2: But … But… But I Will Be with You: Moses, Jeremiah, and Mary

Reflection Questions

1.     Can you describe your “encounter” moment with God?

2.     How did you react to God’s call to you in this encounter moment?

3.     What have you asked God for in terms of reassurance?

Week 3: Vocation with the Help of Others: Samuel, David, and Paul

Reflection Questions

1.   Who can you ask to accompany or help you better understand this call?

2. In what ways can you approach them for their help?’


Week 4: Vocation to Evangelization: Mary Magdalene and the Woman at the Well

Reflection Questions

1.   Do you show others how God has called you, in what ways?

2.   What needs to happen for you to take the first steps in this journey?

3.   Where do you have to be in your journey to recognize that your story has become part of God’s story?




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